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Frequently Asked Questions 🤔

How does Payer work?

Payer is an all-in-one app that lets you pay bills, recharge, buy gift cards, order food & grocery and make payments.

Once you install Payer on your mobile and register an account, we’ll create a Wallet for you. You can transfer money to your Wallet on Payer using Bank Transfer. You can then use that money to pay for products and services on Payer.

How safe is my money?

We safeguard the money we receive from our customers like you.

Safeguarding means that we keep the money we receive from you in a separate bank account. The money in account is held by us on your behalf.

Safeguarding protects you because, if Payer was to become insolvent, the money in these accounts would be returned to customers.

Are there any hidden fees or charges?

No. We do not have any hidden fees or charges from our customers like you.

How long does it take to add money to my Wallet?

The money is added to your Wallet immediately after you transfer the amount and claim the amount. This is done automatically.

Sometimes we also process the deposits manually. During a manual deposit session, customer will have to send us the receipt via the app and It will be added within 3 minutes after verification.

My deposit keeps failing, what should I do?

If you're deposit keeps failing or the receipt keeps getting rejected, use the "Contact Us" option in the "Settings" screen of the app.

On the "Contact Us" form, attach your receipt, and send it to us, we'll manually review.

How long does it take for my bill to be processed?

All bills are processed instantly, except for Ooredoo bills. It will take up to 30 minutes for Ooredoo bills to processed.

What bills can I pay from Payer?

At the moment, you can pay Dhiraagu, Ooredoo and Medianet bills from Payer. You can also recharge (Raastas/Reload), and add money to Dhiraagu Pay Wallets.

What if my phone is lost or stolen?

You can contact us to lock/freeze your account, and If you’ve enabled pass code or biometric ID, the app will still be secure.

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