About us – Payer

On a mission to make payments simple & hassle-free

Imagine managing all your finances on one platform.
That’s what we are striving to create.

We believe we can help make money work for everyone
by solving challenging problems around making payments in the Maldives.

Where we've been

Payer was founded in 2016, with the belief that technology can transform
the way people manage their money and make payments.

Since our official launch in October 2018, we have acquired over 20,000 customers.
In 2019, Payer was awarded with the title of "Startup of the Year"
at Maldives Business Awards 2019.

We want to build an app that works for everyone.


Making payments and tracking money should be as simple as sending a tweet.


We believe that making payments should be as fast as sending a tweet. So we’ve made everything Instant.

Build it together.

We want to you to suggest features, test the app and give us feedback so we can build something everyone loves.

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Y Combinator Startup School
Graduate (SUS19)

Startup of the Year Maldives Business Awards 2019

Startup of the Year
Maldives Business Awards 2019

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Special Invitee to Qatar Information Technology
Conference & Exhibition (QITCOM 2019)

Let’s get you started.

Download Payer and join over 20,000 users making payments instantly from their mobile.